Motivational, life-promoting, and spiritual content to support the process of Self-Discovery, Self-Realization and Individuation. The content may cover practical concepts and approaches, such as Mindfulness, Ontological Analysis, IFS Self-Leadership, and Psychoshamanism.

Three Dimensions of Awakening to Fullness - Celestial Twin Life Mentorship and Integration

Three Dimensions of Awakening to Fullness

The term awakening is usually used in the context of spirituality. But, as we will see here the spiritual awakening is only one dimension of this journey, and we need to experience three dimensions of awakening to reach fullness in life. These dimensions are Psychological Awakening, Personal Awakening, and spiritual awakening.

Celestial Twin Life Mentorship and Integration Blog - Search for the meaning of life - The Age of Awakening

The Time for Spiritual Awakening

We live in a time for Spiritual Awakening, the time to invite personal spirituality back to our lives. This is evident in mainstream popularity of meditation practices, vegetarianism, yoga, and new age spirituality. At a deeper level, there is also enthusiasm for the revival of ancient wisdom traditions, including shamanism and shamanic practices…

Hero's Journey of "Self-Discovery". Celestial Twin Life Mentorship and Integration Blog - Self-Realization, Who Am I?, Jung's Individuation, Self, Soul, Joseph Campbell's Monomyth, Universal Myth

Hero’s Journey of Self-Discovery

There is a metaphorical hero in all of us. The hero is an inner voice that calls us to an adventure, a Hero’s Journey of Self-Discovery to grow intellectually and spiritually, and to find who we truly are. Answering this call is magical, sending us to an exciting adventure, a journey of self-realization. Do you hear the call of the hero inside you? 

Celestial Twin Life Mentorship and Integration Blog - Path to a meaningful life - Approaching Mindfulness and Clarity of Mind

Path to a Meaningful Life

Do you have a meaningful life, a high purpose to get you out of bed every morning, filled with energy to pursue it? When was the last time you experienced mindfulness, or felt true happiness without searching for its reason? If you imagine your life as an oil painting, you are creating, do you think you would be proud seeing it at the end?…

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