Ideal Clients

Celestial Twin Life Mentorship and Integration- Ideal Client

My mentorship services can be helpful to you if you consider yourself a High Functioning Individual*, who is in one of the following stages of life:

  • You have an internal calling to find, clarify, or embody your higher purpose and vision in life. You may already have an idea what your life goal is but cannot find motivation to pursue it, as if there is something blocking you from following your heart. Alternatively, your calling could be spiritual and simply a desire to find the true meaning of your life.
  • You are currently at a crossroad, or in a challenging or confusing life situation, e.g. involving your career, relationship, coping with a loss, etc. and welcome the presence of someone who can help you navigate this critical period and turn its emotional burden to motivation for making a positive change in your life.
  • You have been experiencing esoteric states of consciousness beyond ordinary limits of your Ego and Personality and need someone, other than your friends, who can relate to you and help you process the experiences and discover their hidden meanings. Examples are Mystical, Transpersonal, and Mind-Manifesting Psychedelic or on-ordinary states of consciousness.

I help my clients through the above stages by offering the following mentorship services:

  • Clarifying Life Purpose and Direction: Clarifying the Vision, laying out the necessary steps to embody it. Identifying the obstacles and how to reduce or unburden from those obstacles, or turn them into resources.
  • Crossroad Mentorship and Advice: Helping individuals through a challenging life stage which could be related to career, relationship, or an emotional burden by offering my positive energy and presence as “an older friend” and to help you see the situation clearly and objectively, and to find the most viable way forward.
  • Spiritual Emergency and Transpersonal Integration: Helping individuals to process spiritual emergencies and transpersonal experiences such as mystical, visionary or psychedelic states of consciousness, not understandable intellectually. There has been a rise in using psychedelics without any medical or an elder shaman supervision. Psychedelic trances can involve dissolution of Ego and mind-manifesting experiences that could be overwhelming to process for a rational or mechanistic mind. I help my clients process and integrate the message in such non-ordinary experiences, as a mean for psychedelic harm reduction.

* High Functioning Individuals are those who function well in life and are in good emotional and mental health. Individuals currently diagnosed with mental illness, or otherwise actively struggling with significant emotional distress are advised to consult a licensed medical professional, instead.

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