Ontological Analysis Approach​

Celestial Twin Life Mentorship and Integration - Ontological Reasoning Approach

One of the most valuable virtues we can develop in life is clarity of mind. Clarity of mind helps us see ourselves more objectively, discover what truly drives us, and live life with affirmation, higher conviction and purpose. Unfortunately, finding clarity of mind is not as easy as we think. That is partly because life is filled with unexpected events. Our circumstances can change in ways not in our control, putting us in situations we would rather not be in. We need clarity of mind to navigate and make good decisions in all circumstances.

Over 20 years ago, I started using a contemplative approach to understand and come to terms with the emotional and philosophical challenges I was experiencing as a young adult. I was also using this approach to search for my purpose in life. Because the approach brought me clarity of mind and helped me access my Higher Mind to see the truth behind my views and perspectives, I called it Ontological Analysis and Imagination.

Ontological Analysis and Imagination is a rational approach to discover the nature and causality behind our thoughts, perspectives, behaviors, and actions. When we think ontologically, we are focusing on “why” we think in certain ways or want certain things, as opposed to “what” we think or want. Because of that, Ontological Analysis leads to clarity of mind, deeper understanding of what drives us, and affirmation of our views and goals in life. The blog post Ontological Analysis – Rational Walk to Clarity provides further details about the approach and its purpose.

As a mentorship approach, I use Ontological Analysis to reduce complexity in what my clients are experiencing and create contemplative scenarios for them to understand the true nature and underlying drivers behind these experiences. Practice of Ontological Analysis can be intellectually stimulating and, unlike other more psychospiritual approaches, does not require meditation or spiritual lineage to be effective. This make Ontological Analysis an ideal approach to Self-Discovery for clients who are highly analytical and tend to rationalize their life events and experiences.

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