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  • Reduced rates may be available to low income individuals. If applicable to you, please note that when initiating contact.

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Life Mentorship is a trusted relationship between an individual who is on a new path of discovery in life and a mentor who has walked a similar path before and can relate to potential challenges and ordeals involved, and support the individual in overcoming them.
The ultimate goal of Life Mentorship is to create a holistic life experience through integration of seemingly conflicting aspects of one’s personality and perspectives in life. Examples are integration of one’s personal and professional life to maintain a healthy work-life balance, or at a deeper level,  integration of one’s intellectual and rational view of life with her/his mystical, spiritual, or mind-manifesting experiences as complements to achieve a harmonious and purposeful life.

Journey of discovery and personal growth in life relies heavily on internal dialogues of individuals embarking on the journey. These internal dialogues are generally positive but have a bias to keep us grounded and safe in the status quo, through procrastination, self-doubt, fear of failure, etc. Life Mentor can play an effective role in counteracting these discouraging internal dialogues through share of experience, motivations, and merchants of hope at time of challenges and setbacks.

Absolutely not. My clients must consider themselves High Functioning Individuals, i.e., those who function well in life and are in good cognitive, emotional and psychological state. I offer my mentorship and integration services as a personal consultant, and not as a counselor, psychologist, or a medical professional. My services are not designed to diagnose or treat mental disorders.

My services are offered as a “life mentor” as opposed to a “life coach”. There is a subtle difference between the two. Coaching as the name implies usually involves a process to develop a specific skill to help reaching a set of clearly-defined goals or improve performance in a specific area of one’s personal and professional life. My life mentorship has some coaching elements, but in its core it is about building a nourishing and supportive relationship to help my clients find and actualize their life purpose and aspirations. The process usually involves intellectual and/or spiritual inner journeys to find and resolve any emotional or mental blockage in my clients’ path to inner power and pursuit of ideals.

The process usually starts with an indication of interest from prospective clients. This can be done through requesting an invitation code for booking a session. Prospective clients can book either a Single 1-1 Mentorship Session for an initial assessment or in-take, or choose to book a 30min Q&A Clarity Call to check if the mentorship services offered is inline with their goals and aspirations. Contingent on mutual interest and compatibility, client will decide on frequency of future mentorship sessions. Otherwise, a referral to a more suitable practitioner or counselor could be made, per client’s request. 

The mentorship sessions are conducted via Zoom Video Conferencing, or by phone, if preferred by the client. The main goal is engage using the most comfortable and effective mean of communication.

My existing clients with longer commitment to their journey can book a multi-session package, which offers a modest discount. Reduced rates are also available to individuals having lower income. If you consider yourself low income, you are welcome to initiate contact and explain your special circumstance.

Aion Farvahar is my Spiritual Pen Name. It is also a NY State assumed name for my mentorship practice. Both Aion and Farvahar have special meaning and relationship to me in my personal journey to here. So, I am honoring this relationship by adopting them together as my name as a mentor and motivator.

The term Celestial Twin has a different meaning than Celestial Twins, which is usually used in the context of astrology or divination, e.g. Gemini. In simplest terms, you can think of Celestial Twin as your Inner Guide, Daimon, or Guardian Angel or Spirit. More details related to its origin and significance to one’s self-realization and spiritual growth are provided in my YouTube post here.

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